Felt, Arduino board, sound sensors, servo-motors.


Hedgehog Fabric is a flexible device inspired by the way hedgehogs react to different sound stimuli. It is a project which tries to draw attention to the increased noise pollution. The rhythms of modern city life is generally accompany by an increased, excessive environmental noise that disrupts in human life. The Hedgehog Fabric combines flexible textiles support with dynamic structures controlled electronically with the help of an Arduino board. When the intensity of sound increase, the dynamic structures will set out its “spines” becoming unfriendly in order to protect itself.


The installation conceived during Liquid Spaces – Dynamic Models of Space in Art and Technology residency, Cluj 2012 and it was presented in the frame of Haptosonics exhibition, Atelier Nord Oslo, Norway between October 7-27, 2013. A version of this work was also presented during E-Textiles Summer Camp, Paillard Center for Contemporary Art, Paillard (FR) in August 2014.