February 8, 2021 |

Selection from “Areas of conflu(x)ence” exhibitions in the frame of Sibiu and Luxemburg -European Capitals of Culture 2007.

Curator: Tincuța Heinzel
Artists: Florian Grond & Gabriele Engelhardt &Thomas Kienzl, Filipe Jensen & Nuno Costa, Claudia Robles, Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt), Effie Wu.
Location: KIBLA Multimedia Center, Maribor, Slovenia
Dates: April 4 – 19, 2008

Project description

Developed around the theme of the landscape, the Areas of conflu(x)ence project tries to point out how and how much is the transdisciplinarity stimulated by the new technologies. They create new networks, displaying thus new relations between real and virtual landscapes. Installations, sound and images performances, original ways of using Internet and other digital technologies are a few of the numerous everyday artistic expressions. They mirror the diversity and the complexity of new representation modes.