February 8, 2021 |

Dimensions: 12 m2.
Material: Iron, wool, manila, electronic devices, servo motors.
Techniques: Weaving, sewing, electronic circuits, soldering, moving installation

Project description

Carpet-Garden is my diploma work in textile arts, a work I have done in 1998 at the Art and Design University Cluj (Romania). Since the object of tapestry is generally a carpet and since the classical Middle East carpets generally deals with variations of idealized gardens representing the Paradise, the idea of working on the subject for my diploma was a very appealing one. Moreover, during my studies I was interested in textile sculpture and installations. The idea of a “flying carpet” came step by step. Carpet – Garden is a modular work integrating mobile elements (the central round parts, symbol of the water springs and of life) which were programmed to turn in the rhythm of music. The work’s presentation starts with a performance consisting of the rearrangement of the parts. Everyone constructs his own paradise.

The installation was exhibited at Casa Matei, Cluj-Napoca in June 1998 and in the frame of Tapestry Triennial Bucharest in November 2000. Pieces of installation have been included in Attempts, Failures, Trials ans Errors project.

A video recording of the installation can be access here:

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