September 10, 2010 |


LEDs, textile, Lilypad, moving sensor, video funk camera (or web camera), TV monitor (or computer monitor).


We live in a world where digital media allows us to multiply the interactive contact. With the help of coded information we can now make most of the objects around us interactive. Our expectations are high. The surfaces transform themselves more and more in interfaces. The screens are today touching-screens, our presence is most of the time a triggering factor.

When passing near the exhibition space, your eyes will be attracted by the play of the lights. But as soon as you walk into the space, the lights are going into hiding. In the same way, at the second floor, the LEDs installation will stop to function, it will ignore your presence, it will camouflage. The light’s drawing will be visible only when nobody is in the room. Its „functional” state will be visible only through mediation – on the screen installed at the entrance to the exhibition space, or on a monitor situated on the up level of the building.


Exhibited in the context of “Kunst im Turn” program of Lutherkirche, Köln, 4-23 September 2010. Curator: Hermann Vogel.

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